Rules and Guidelines

The Office of the Attorney General, in partnership with the Georgia Broadcasters Association, the Georgia Prevention Project, the Council on Alcohol and Drugs, the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, the Georgia Pharmacy Association, the Medical Associtaion of Georgia's "Think About It" campaign, the Healthcare Distributors Alliance and the Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addicition and Recovery, created the "We're Not Gonna Take It" campaign to engage students in the fight against opioid abuse and misuse. Together, we are sponsoring a statewide video/radio contest called “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for you to illustrate, through a 30-second video or 30-second recording, the dangers of this modern-day epidemic and how you are fighting back.

The first step of this process is to read these simple rules and be sure to be safe when making your video. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Theme: This year, we are looking for submissions that highlight the dangers, risks and consequences associated with opioid misuse and abuse, the availability of resources and/or the 911 Medical Amnesty and Expanded Naloxone Access Law - which was put in place in 2014 to reduce overdose deaths.

Contest Dates: February 1 - March 15, 2018

1. Entrants must be a Georgia high school or college student enrolled at a Georgia-based institution.

2. A qualifying adult must sign off with the entrant to ‘sponsor’ the entry.

A qualifying adult is defined as:

  • Parent/Legal guardian
  • Teacher/Counselor/Youth Service Center Coordinator/School Official – (acting with parental/legal guardian permission for entry)
  • Community Center/Social Worker (acting with parental/legal guardian permission for entry)

3. All submissions to the video/radio contest become the property of the Office of the Attorney General and all videos/radio submissions may be used in a variety of large media/internet projects.

4. Videos/radio submissions must be no longer than 30 seconds.

5. Videos/radio submissions must be viewable, clearly heard and uploaded to YouTube or submitted to HOLD FOR E-MAIL ADDRESS. Several types/qualities of videos (Movie Maker, iMovie, Windows Media, etc. files ending in .wmv, .mov, avi, .m4v) should upload. However, only those in file format H.264 (higher definition/resolution) standard will meet the threshold of most major media outlets (such as movie cinemas, TV, etc.) for air time conversion.

Any videos not in High Definition or High Resolution can still enter the contest and be eligible for prizes/recognition. However, if they do not meet the media outlet threshold for conversion, the We’re Not Gonna Take It video contest cannot guarantee mass media distribution.

6. We strongly suggest listing the entrant’s LAST name as part of the video/voice file name so it can be more easily linked to the entry form and video/radio submission title.

An example would be: smith-we’

7. Anything considered ‘inappropriate” will be disqualified. (Examples include: obscenities, nudity, vulgarity, violence or anything that appears to promote prescription drug use, etc.)

8. Copyrights must be honored.

The use of copyrighted materials (such as popular music or brand names) is NOT PERMITTED without written permission of the material’s owner. It is the responsibility of the entrant and entrant sponsor to secure written permission needed for use of any copyrighted, trademarked or protected materials.

If it is suspected that copyrighted/trademarked/protected materials of any type have been used in a submitted video/radio submission, the entrant will be ineligible for mass media distribution unless proof of permission is submitted at time of entry. Written proof of permission to use any copyrighted/trademarked/protected materials must be submitted with video at time of entry by scanning and emailing it to HOLD FOR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Proof must contain the name of the video/radio submission, the entrant and adult sponsor names, name of copyrighted/protected material used in video/voice recording and the signature of the authorized agent granting permission.

NOTE: Regardless of any believed copyright exemptions, the rules of the “We’re Not Gonna to Take It" contest require written proof of permission (submitted at time of entry) for use of any copyrighted materials. No exceptions!

Keep in mind that there are many copyright-free music, visual and other material resources that you may use. Search the Internet or talk to your media teacher at school for ideas!

9. Branded products and product names in videos/radio submissions.

If you have a need to use a product in your video/radio submission to express the dangers of prescription drug abuse, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

a. Do not use or mention a protected brand in a box, bottle or prop of any type.
b. If you use a prescription drug bottle or box as a prop, please be sure that you cannot make out the brand or simply remove the label.

You can also make your own generic labels for your props and simply attach them with clear tape. If our moderators see or hear a brand name in your video/radio submisison, our support team will contact you and you will need to resubmit your video/radio submission.

10. Selected video/radio winners MAY air as public service announcements, commercials on local newscasts. Please note that the Office of the Attorney General cannot guarantee placement on public service announcements, commercials or local newscasts.

11. Prizes

Representatives from the sponsoring organizations will choose the winning TV/radio submissions. Categories include:

  • High School Radio Winner: TBD
  • High School Television Winner: TBD
  • College Radio Winner: TBD
  • College Television Winner: TBD

All winners will be announced in April.

Each 30 second video/radio submission must include ALL of the Following:

1. A submitted entry form that can be found at

2. Completed video/radio submission (uploaded to YouTube or e-mailed to HOLD FOR E-MAIL ADDRESS).

3. If applicable: Copyright Permission Proof.

Video/Radio Submission Deadline: March 15, 2018