The Department of Law has created an informal mediation program to help Georgia’s citizens with questions or concerns about local government’s decisions to close meetings to the public or governmental responses to Open Records requests. Upon receiving a complaint from a citizen, attorneys at the Department of Law work to ensure that local governments provide all the access to meetings and records that citizens are entitled to under the law.

Please be aware that the information you submit through this form will become an open record. Your complaint may be shared with the government entity involved to allow the government entity to respond. If you have any sensitive information, please do not submit it through this form.

After your complaint is submitted, an attorney from our office will contact you within a few days.

Please fill in the form below to submit a complaint to our office.

If you have multiple documents to go with your complaint, such as copies of your request and copies of the response you received, please let us know after we contact you about your complaint, and we will provide instructions on how to submit those additional documents to us.

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