5. Tips for Parents

Step 1: Monitor

  • Note how many pills are in each Rx bottle or pill packet
  • Keep track of refills (of all household members)
  • If your teen has been prescribed a drug, be sure you control the meds and monitor dosages and refills
  • Make sure friends & relatives—especially grandparents—are aware of the risks and encourage them to monitor their meds
  • If your teen visits other households, talk to the families about importance of safeguarding their meds

Step 2: Secure

  • Take Rx meds out of your medicine cabinet and keep them hidden
  • Keep meds in a safe place (eg, locked cabinet)
  • Tell relatives, especially grandparents, to lock meds or keep in a safe place
  • Encourage parents of your teen’s friends to secure meds

Step 3: Dispose

  • Take inventory of all Rx drugs in your home
  • Discard expired or unused meds

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