Organization of the Office

The Department of Law is organized into the Executive Office, five legal divisions, four specialty units and an operations division.


Download this pdf file. Department of Law Organization Chart


Executive Office - The Executive Office includes the following leadership positions: Attorney General, Chief of Staff, Chief Deputy Attorney General, Counsel to the Attorney General and Solicitor General.

Operations Division - The Operations Division is responsible for providing administrative support to the legal divisions. The division is divided into three areas: Information Technology, Financial Services and Human Resources.

Regulated Industries and Professions Division - The Regulated Industries and Professions Division plays a vital role in the regulation of businesses and professions by serving a diverse client base of state agencies. The division also represents the state in areas where the Attorney General has the authority to act on its behalf, such as in antitrust or False Claims Act cases. The division is composed of three Sections – Environmental and Natural Resources, Regulated Public Interests, and State Licensing Boards.

Attorneys in the division bring enforcement actions and defend agency actions in administrative hearings. They also provide client advice, negotiate complex settlements, and litigate in state and federal courts. In representing its agency clients, the division assists in enforcing Georgia’s regulatory laws. Among other agencies, the division assists:

  • The Georgia Environmental Protection Division in protecting and restoring Georgia’s environment including ensuring clean air, water and land and pursuit of a sustainable environment and healthy communities;
  • The Georgia Department of Natural Resources in sustaining, enhancing and conserving Georgia's natural, historic and cultural resources;
  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture in protecting consumers and promoting Georgia agriculture both locally and globally;
  • The Georgia Department of Community Health in ensuring access to quality health care services;
  • The Public Service Commission in providing consumers with safe, reliable, and reasonably priced telecommunications, electric, and natural gas services;
  • The Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity in safeguarding Georgians from discrimination in housing and employment; and
  • Georgia’s 44 professional licensing boards and advisory groups in establishing the qualifications for licensure and practice and enforcing and defending the regulations and statutes specific to each licensed profession. 

Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division - The Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division handles transactions and litigation involving the business, financial and property interests of state government. It provides general representation to state agencies such as the Department of Audits and Accounts, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Transportation and the Georgia Lottery Corporation. It also provides general representation to various state authorities, including the Georgia Ports Authority, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority and the Jekyll Island Authority.


  • Tax
  • Real Property
  • Construction, Transportation and Authorities
  • Business and Finance

Criminal Justice Division - The Criminal Division represents the State of Georgia in all capital felony appeals, including those in which the death penalty has been imposed, in both state and federal court. The division also provides general legal representation to the various public safety and law enforcement agencies in the state, including the Department of Community Supervision, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Driver Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Public Safety, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Sexual Offender Registration Review Board and the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.


  • Capital Litigation
  • Post-Conviction Litigation
  • Public Safety

General Litigation Division - Attorneys in the General Litigation Division maintain an active trial practice, handling cases from initial pleadings through trial and appeals. They provide legal representation for the State in civil rights cases, tort cases and workers’ compensation claims.


  • Civil Rights
  • Torts
  • Workers' Compensation

Government Services and Employment Division - The Government Services and Employment Division provides legal advice on a broad range of government activities and services, including matters involving elections, ethics, open records and open meetings, social services and employment. The division represents the Department of Community Health, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Labor and all of the State retirement systems. It also represents the Board of Regents, the Secretary of State's Elections Division, the State Department of Education and the State Ethics Commission.


  • Health and Social Services
  • Labor and Employment
  • Education, Elections, Local Government and Judiciary

Prosecution Division - The Prosecution Division investigates and prosecutes fraud and corruption involving the State of Georgia’s departments and agencies, those committing crimes against the state, criminal violations of the Fair Business Practices Act, cyber fraud, and human trafficking and gang offenses. 


  • Public Integrity and White Collar Crime
  • Human Trafficking 
  • Gangs

Medicaid Fraud Division - The Medicaid Fraud Division investigates and prosecutes fraud and abuse by providers in the Georgia Medicaid program.

Consumer Protection Division - The Consumer Protection Division is the consumer protection agency for the State of Georgia. The division helps to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive acts and practices in consumer transactions. It also investigates consumer problems, monitors the marketplace to promote fair and honest competition, takes enforcement action against violators and publishes consumer education materials and alert warnings.

Solicitor General’s Unit - The Solicitor General's Unit is the newest addition to our legal teams, handling high-profile and complex cases on behalf of the State and focusing on appellate litigation in state and federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.