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Georgia's Consumer Protection Division enforces laws that protect you from unfair and deceptive acts and practices in consumer transactions. 

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If you have a consumer complaint, please contact our Consumer Protection Division. Phone representatives are available 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday, and 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. on Friday. You will be asked to submit your complaint in writing if the issue appears to be one in which we would consider taking action. 

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For all other questions for the Department of Law, contact the main office: (404) 458-3600

Latest Press Releases

Carr Provides Statement on National Opioid Discussions with Distributors and Manufacturer

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr is providing the following statement about the on-going discussions with Cardinal, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen – the nation’s three major pharmaceutical distributors of opioids – and Johnson & Johnson – manufacturer and marketer of opioids.

SCAM ALERT: Carr Warns of Pyramid Schemes Aimed at Instagram Users

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr is warning consumers about a new take on the classic pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal multilevel marketing programs that promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join their program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public. They may require you to buy products before you are eligible to be paid or receive bonuses, and you may need to pay fees for things like training sessions or expensive marketing materials. Plus, you can pretty much count on the fact that the only people making money are the scammers who are running it.

Carr Appoints Substitute Prosecutors to Handle Matters After Fulton County DA’s Disqualification

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today announced that the Office of the Attorney General has appointed substitute prosecutors to handle the matters of State of Georgia v. Devin Brosnan and Garrett Rolfe, Fulton County Superior Court and State of Georgia v. Roland Claud, Mark Gardner, Lonnie Hood, Armon Jones, Willie Sauls and Ivory Streeter, Fulton County Superior Court.

Carr Commends Governor’s Appointments of Colvin and Pinson to Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today issued the following statements regarding Governor Brian Kemp’s appointment of The Honorable Verda Colvin to serve as a justice on the Supreme Court of Georgia and The Honorable Andrew Pinson to serve as a judge on the Court of Appeals of Georgia.