Human Trafficking Red Flags

  • Youth has a runaway history or is homeless.
  • Youth is involved with juvenile court (criminal trespassing, shoplifting, false name, substance abuse, etc).
  • Youth has a substance abuse issues.
  • Youth has school problems (truancy, suspension).
  • Youth has unexplained money.
  • Youth has hair and nails done and cannot explain how he/she had the resources to get those things done.
  • Youth has an open DFCS case.
  • Youth is with a significantly older boyfriend/companion or other non-family member.
  • Unexplained physical trauma: bruises, black eye, cuts or other marks.
  • Unexplained emotional trauma: fear, anxiety, depression, tension, nervousness.
  • Youth is traveling with older person that is a non-family member and/or not a guardian.
  • Youth has special marked tattoos or branding on his/her body.
  • Youth has possession of prepaid credit cards, hotel keys/receipts.
  • Youth has no identification or is not in control of the identification documents.
  • Youth provides conflicting personal information to law enforcement.
  • Youth is dressed inappropriately, i.e., not weather appropriate, revealing, etc.
  • Youth avoids eye contact.

Contact The National Human Trafficking Hotline

If you suspect human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Toll Free: