ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today announced that the office’s new statewide Gang Prosecution Unit has indicted four alleged members of the Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods in Dougherty County. This case involves a murder that took place in Albany in October 2018. Specifically, the indictment charges Demondarrius Jaquan Hicks, Jotorious Devante Cox, Mckeal Raynard Lamar, Jr., and Jamarrie Markel Harvey with violation of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, murder, armed robbery, and other violent crimes and weapons offenses. This latest case from the Attorney General’s Gang Prosecution Unit marks the fifth indictment to be announced over the past two weeks.

“With our new Gang Prosecution Unit, we are using all resources at our disposal to combat violent gang activity in every corner of our state,” said Carr. “This is our first indictment to come out of Southwest Georgia, where our team has established a strong partnership with local law enforcement. By working hand-in-hand with those who are on the ground and in our communities, we can produce better outcomes that ultimately lead to a safer Georgia.”

The Albany Police Department’s (APD) Robbery/Homicide Unit and the APD Gang Task Force assisted in this investigation.

“The community members of Albany-Dougherty County are deserving of justice and the Albany Police Department will use all resources available to secure that justice,” said APD Chief Michael J. Persley. “We cannot afford to let people continue to cause havoc in our community. This action today by the State Attorney General’s Office shows the commitment they have to the victims. Let this be an example to others who have committed violent acts that we will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods

The Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods is a set of the larger criminal street gang known as the Bloods. The Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods is based out of Inglewood, California, and is one of the oldest Blood sets. It has several subsets, including the Rollin 80’s (most common in Albany, Georgia), 77th Street, and Ransom Gang.

The defendants, individually and together, are alleged to have engaged in repeated criminal activity in furtherance of the gang, resulting in the following charges.

Charges and Potential Maximum Penalties

The Attorney General’s Gang Prosecution Unit presented evidence to a Dougherty County Grand Jury on Oct. 12, 2022, resulting in the indictment* of Demondarrius Jaquan Hicks (also known as “CK” and “Quan”), Jotorious Devante Cox (also known as “Baby Joe”), Mckeal Raynard Lamar, Jr. (also known as “Kel” and “Righteous”), and Jamarrie Markel Harvey (also known as “Zo”).

Specifically, the indictment charges each of the defendants with the following which, if convicted, can carry the respective penalties.

  • 20 counts of Violation of Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act – maximum sentence of 20 years per count
  • 2 counts of Felony Murder – maximum sentence of life in prison without parole per count
  • 1 count of Malice Murder – maximum sentence of life in prison without parole
  • 1 count of Aggravated Assault – maximum sentence of 20 years in prison
  • 1 count of Armed Robbery – maximum sentence of life in prison
  • 1 count of Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Felonymaximum sentence of five years in prison

Separately, Mckeal Raynard Lamar, Jr. is also facing the following charges.

  • 1 count of Felony Murdermaximum sentence of life in prison without parole
  • 1 count of Possession of Firearm by First Offender Probationermaximum sentence of 10 years in prison

No further information about the investigation or about the indictment may be released at this time.

About the Attorney General’s Gang Prosecution Unit

Earlier this year, with the support of Governor Brian Kemp and members of the General Assembly, Attorney General Chris Carr created Georgia’s first statewide Gang Prosecution Unit. This new Unit officially began its historic work on July 1, 2022.

Earlier this month, the Attorney General’s Gang Prosecution Unit obtained its first four indictments in Athens-Clarke County. Collectively, the Unit indicted a total of nine alleged members of two separate gangs, both with ties to the Bloods.

The creation of the Unit is made possible by HB 1134, legislation that provides the Office of the Attorney General with concurrent jurisdiction to prosecute criminal gang activity statewide. Georgia’s FY 2023 budget also includes $1.3 million to establish the new Gang Prosecution Unit.

The Gang Prosecution Unit is housed in the Attorney General’s Prosecution Division, which also includes Carr’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit and his Public Integrity and White Collar Crime Unit.

*Members of the public should keep in mind that indictments contain only allegations against the individual against whom the indictment is sought. A defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it will be the government’s burden at trial to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the allegations contained in the indictment.

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