ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr commends the introduction of HB 1134, legislation that would provide the Office of the Attorney General with concurrent jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute criminal gang activity statewide. The introduction of the legislation follows Governor Brian Kemp’s budget proposal to fund the creation of a new Gang Prosecution Unit in the Attorney General’s Office. 

“All Georgians deserve to be safe, and we are proud to be in the fight against gang activity in our state," said Carr. "Gangs do not contain themselves within a city or county line – they work across multiple jurisdictions to commit violent and dangerous acts. This legislation would allow our office to serve as a force multiplier by working with law enforcement and district attorneys to build cases and to ensure criminals are put behind bars. We thank Governor Kemp for his proposal to create a Gang Prosecution Unit and appreciate our state representatives who have joined us in this effort.”

“I am grateful for Attorney General Chris Carr’s leadership in addressing the need to prosecute criminal gangs,” said House Judiciary Chairman Chuck Efstration. “HB 1134 will allow the Attorney General to work in collaboration with local DAs to successfully prosecute criminal organizations that are not constrained to the borders of one county or judicial circuit.”

In addition to Chairman Efstration who is sponsoring HB 1134, the Attorney General's Office would like to recognize the following members of the Georgia House for serving as co-sponsors of the bill: 

  • Representative Josh Bonner
  • Representative Jodi Lott
  • Representative Lauren McDonald
  • Representative Steven Meeks


Communications Director Kara Richardson