ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today commended the introduction of Georgia House Bill 509, sponsored by State Representative Houston Gaines and co-sponsored by Representatives Trey Kelley, Sharon Cooper, Marcus Wiedower, Eddie Lumsden and Mark Newton. HB 509 aims to preserve protections of preexisting medical conditions for Georgians and ensure they are provided healthcare opportunities without limitation or exclusion should the U.S. Supreme Court decide that those protections in the Affordable Care Act are unconstitutional. Please see a full statement from the Attorney General below:

“As Attorney General, I am committed to working for a world-class healthcare system that Georgians and our nation truly deserve, while ensuring that our nation’s laws pass constitutional muster. The terribly-flawed Affordable Care Act has twice been deemed unconstitutional by federal judges, and I expect the U.S. Supreme Court to agree. But one area that Americans can agree upon is that those with preexisting conditions must be protected. HB 509 does just that, and I commend Representatives Gaines, Kelley, Cooper, Wiedower, Lumsden and Newton for sponsoring the bill.”