ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today issued the following information concerning a change in Georgia law. He wants all Georgians to be aware of this change and remain vigilant when it comes to highway safety.

“With school starting and Georgia law changing, it is important that we remain focused on keeping Georgia's children safe on and around school busses," said Attorney General Chris Carr. "We urge all motorists in Georgia to make good choices and proceed with the extreme caution when near school busses and stops as well as school safety zones.”

Recently, the Office of the Attorney General issued a formal opinion regarding a change in Georgia law governing the passing of a school bus on a divided highway. CLICK HERE to read that opinion.

In addition, here are more tips from the Department of Education regarding school bus safety. Parents and guardians, please review these rules with your child if he/she rides the bus to and from school:

  • Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to come. Do not be running late and do not try to get on the bus as it starts to move.
  • Have all items in your book bag before you leave home so you do not drop anything.
  • Keep electronics packed away as you are boarding.
  • Never chase after the bus.
  • Never walk to another bus stop.
  • Never allow your parents to drive you to another bus stop.
  • Wait in an orderly group. Form an orderly line as the bus approaches, with the 1st student in line standing 12 feet away from the road.
  • When you are getting on the bus and have to cross the road:
    • Cross 12 feet in front of the bus.
    • Make sure you can see the driver.
    • If you drop something, leave it and move to a point out of the Danger Zone. Do not pick it up without getting the attention of and instruction from the bus driver.
    • Always stay away from the front and rear bus tires.
  • When you are getting off the bus and have to cross the road:
    • Keep cell phones and electronics packed away.
    • Walk straight away from the right front of the bus, in the bus driver’s full view.
    • Always be able to see the bus driver (so they can see you).
    • Anytime you are getting off the bus, make sure book bag straps, purses, clothing drawstrings, etc. do not get caught on the handrail or in the door.
  • When unloading at school:
    • Have all belongings inside book bag
    • Walk (don’t run) straight towards the school.
    • Stay away from the bus, so your driver can see you.
    • Keep walking until you get out of the danger zone, 12 feet away from the bus.
  • When loading at school:
    • Walk straight towards the bus door and be sure your driver can see you.
    • Stay away from the front and rear bus tires and board the bus promptly.
    • Never chase after a moving bus. Once the buses start moving – you should stop moving.

If you’re looking for more resources, you can find an in-depth school bus safety brochure, authored by the DOE, here.