ATLANTA, GA - Attorney General Chris Carr today made the following statement on House Bill 732. The legislation aims to combat the demand for domestic minor sex trafficking. It passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate with respective votes of 163 - 0 and 51- 0.

“Every month in Georgia, 354 minors are sold for sex to 7,200 men,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “Including ‘repeat transactions,’ these men pay for an estimated 8,770 sex acts per month. This abuse is appalling and must be stopped. I am grateful for the General Assembly’s overwhelming, bipartisan support of House Bill 732 which will update the state’s definition of human trafficking to include those who patronize. We appreciate Representative Silcox and Senator Unterman for their leadership on this critical piece of legislation, and we are confident that this bill will send a strong message to buyers.”

In addition, the Office of the Attorney General would also like to thank the following members of the General Assembly for their support and leadership: Representative Christian Coomer; Representative Bert Reeves; Representative Mandi Ballinger and Representative Rich Golick.