ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr today announced the Office of the Attorney General’s support for HB 341, legislation that will strengthen law enforcement’s prosecutorial efforts against the surge of human trafficking in communities across Georgia.

“The Office of the Attorney General remains dedicated to eradicating human trafficking in Georgia,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “We are focused on tackling this issue in four key phases – education, legislation, restoration and cessation – and we are grateful to Representative Bert Reeves for introducing this vital piece of legislation in the General Assembly. We believe this bill sends a strong message to anyone engaged in these horrific acts.”

HB 341 makes the following amendments to Title 16 and Code Section 17-10-6.2 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated relating to crimes and punishment for sexual offenders:

  1. Broadens the definition of human trafficking to include the behaviors of “patronizing” and “soliciting;”
  2. Increases penalties for trafficking of individuals for sexual servitude;
  3. Extends the sunset provision of the model notice for the human trafficking hotline;
  4. Clarifies provisions regarding the probation portion of a split sentence imposed for certain sexual offenses.

“I am proud to work with Attorney General Carr to move forward legislation in the General Assembly to strengthen our human trafficking laws so that our prosecutors have the practical and necessary tools to bring to justice all of those involved with the criminal enterprise of the sex trade in Georgia,” said Representative Bert Reeves. “This is a critical initiative that we must take seriously, and I look forward to working hard to get a meaningful piece of legislation to the desk of Governor Deal.”

The following Representatives have already signed on as co-sponsors of HB 341:

  • Trey Kelley, 16th District
  • Christian Coomer, 14th District
  • Brian Strickland, 111th District
  • Rich Golick, 40th District
  • Mandi Ballinger, 23rd District

Read a full copy of HB 341 here.