On September 10th, 2015, Derrell Jackson and Shayla Darrington Jackson pled guilty to one count of Medicaid Fraud each. Gwinnett County Superior Court sentenced Derrell Jackson to ten years in jail which he is to serve three and the balance on probation. Shayla Jackson was sentenced to ten years but to serve two under a work release program. The court also ordered $605,000.00 in restitution.

From April 28, 2007, through April 16, 2010, the Jacksons acting under the guise of an Intensive Family Intervention program, a Medicaid program of mental health therapy for children, caused false Medicaid claims to be electronically submitted to the Georgia Medicaid program. They obtained over $620,000.00 of Medicaid funds by billing for services which were not rendered. They were both away on trips to Sea Pines Resort, Detroit and New York on the same dates services were claimed to have been rendered.

The evidence and admissions by defendants showed mutual participation. They both signed documents in support of billing for which no services were rendered. They attended audits and provided auditors with fraudulent documents.

This case was investigated and prepared by Inv. Ivorica Brackins of the OIG, Inv. Johnny Brooks of the Georgia Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Judy Cooper, Chief Nurse Investigator GMFCU, Zwella Boyd, Intelligance Investigator, GMFCU, and prosecuted by Henry A. Hibbert, Assistant Attorney General, GMFCU.