Today, a jury returned a not-guilty verdict in The State v. Donald Balfour. Attorney General Samuel S. Olens offered the following comment:

“I am very disappointed in the result of this case. The GBI investigation revealed that Senator Balfour requested and received reimbursements for expenses he did not actually incur: miles he did not drive, days he did not work, hotels other people paid for. Those requests were too numerous and systematic to be simply isolated mistakes. If those requests had been submitted by an unelected state employee, they would have been prosecuted, and a state senator should not be held to a lower standard. I was convinced that this case should be brought. A grand jury agreed.

At the same time, I have great respect for our jury system generally and for the specific jury that was seated in this case. I thank the jurors for their service and accept their decision, which is final. I also thank Judge Newkirk for handling this case fairly and efficiently.

I do not apologize for standing for the principle that no person is above the law. I will never apologize for that principle. And I will continue to work every day for the people of Georgia and for the rule of law.”