Georgia Department of Law, from the office of Samuel S. Olens, Attorney General


Attorney General Sam Olens Adopts Standards Governing the Hiring of Private Counsel

May 29, 2012

Attorney General Sam Olens announced today that in order to increase transparency and accountability, he has issued an Administrative Order establishing rules for the consideration and retention of outside counsel on a contingency fee basis. The new policy seeks to ensure that taxpayer dollars are employed in the most efficient and economical manner when compensating private counsel.

Outside counsel for the State has never been compensated on a contingency fee basis, other than in routine collection matters. If the need to hire counsel on a contingency fee basis does arise, this Administrative Order puts in place clear rules to govern the arrangement.

“Our goal is to serve as good stewards of taxpayers’ money and always employ outside counsel on the most economical terms possible,” said Olens. “The Administrative Order I signed today takes the necessary steps to ensure transparency and allows the public to hold us accountable for meeting that goal.”

The order is attached.

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