Georgia Department of Law, from the office of Samuel S. Olens, Attorney General


Georgia Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Review Federal Healthcare Law

September 28, 2011

The State of Georgia, together with 25 sister states, the NFIB and two individuals, today filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States in the multi-state challenge to federal healthcare reform. Attorney General Olens released the following statement:

“We have said all along that this is a case that must ultimately be resolved by the Supreme Court, and that time is finally here,” said Olens. “Federal healthcare reform grossly exceeds the enumerated powers of Congress, and the Court now has the opportunity to restore Constitutional balance to a federal government of limited powers. We are hopeful that the Court will grant cert quickly and strike down the law.”

To view the petition, click on the links below. 

Supreme Court Petition

Petition Appendix Vol I

Petition Appendix Vol II