Georgia Department of Law, from the office of Samuel S. Olens, Attorney General


Three More Former Department of Revenue Employees Plead Guilty to Credit Card Fraud

July 19, 2011

Former Department of Revenue employees Marcus Britt, Micah Decuir and William Gladney pled guilty yesterday to Financial Transaction Card Fraud (O.C.G.A. § 16-9-33) in DeKalb County Superior Court. While employed by the Department of Revenue, the defendants used a co-worker’s state-issued gasoline card personal identification number without authorization to fraudulently obtain gasoline for their personal vehicles.

The defendants were sentenced by Judge Melvin Westmoreland, sitting in for Judge Cynthia J. Becker, to 30 days imprisonment and two years probation. In addition, they have each been ordered to pay restitution to the Department of Revenue. Britt, who pled guilty to nine counts, was ordered to pay $877.53; Decuir, who pled guilty to four counts, was ordered to pay $545.58; and Gladney, who pled guilty to two counts,    was ordered to pay $150.82.

Co-defendant John Richardson pled guilty on June 22, 2011. Charges remain pending against the final co-defendant, Billy Evans, who failed to appear for court in June and has a bench warrant outstanding.

Assistant Attorney General Daniel A. Hiatt prosecuted Britt, Decuir and Gladney on the behalf of the State of Georgia. The case was investigated by Investigator Mike Bailey of the Department of Revenue.