(Atlanta) Jana Chambers, a former employee of Georgia Tech, entered a guilty plea this morning in Fulton County Superior Court to a charge of Theft by Taking. She was sentenced by Judge Hicks to twelve months probation, 24 hours community service, and $200 fine.

Chambers, while employed by Georgia Tech, was issued a purchasing card for her to use to make purchases related to her employment. From September 2006 until January 2007, she made six personal purchases using her state-issued P-card, including four purchases at Amazon.com and one purchase at both Wal-Mart and CVS Pharmacy. The total amount of the purchases was under $500.00.

Once the purchases made for personal benefit were discovered, Chambers resigned her position from Georgia Tech. The amount of the personal purchases was withheld from her final paycheck from Georgia Tech.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Laura Pfister. Special Agent Heather Strickland of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation led the investigation for the state.