“Today’s ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court is a clear victory for the people of Georgia and a win for good government. I am extremely gratified by the decision, which affirms the Attorney General’s independent authority to pursue legal actions which are in the best interests of the people of Georgia. I am also heartened that the Court’s decision upholds the important checks and balances drawn into the Georgia Constitution and statutes, and enables me to continue to independently discharge my duties as the duly-elected Attorney General and chief legal officer of this State.”

The Attorney General further added, “I cannot thank enough our legal team who worked many long days and late nights on this landmark case. In particular, I would like to recognize Chief Deputy Attorney General Jeff Milsteen and Deputy Attorney General Mike Hobbs of my office, as well as Special Assistant Attorneys General Robert Remar, Richard Sinkfield, Stephen Leeds, Ashley Hurst and Julie Bracker. Remar and Sinkfield took the lead role in the presentation of the case, and they and their colleagues at Rogers and Hardin undertook this representation on a strictly pro bono basis at no cost to the taxpayers of Georgia. Their willingness to put their beliefs in good government and the independence of the Office of the Attorney General above financial considerations speaks volumes as to their integrity and professionalism, and I am extremely proud to have had them represent my office in this case.”