Attorney General Thurbert Baker has created a Water Advisory Council to advise him on the growing number of water issues that Georgia faces. The appointment of the Water Advisory Council is indicative of how important water issues are in the state of Georgia.

“I have come to appreciate that water is the life’s blood of growth, prosperity, hope and health. Many of the water issues being debated today will have a profound impact on where Georgia goes in the next few decades,” said Attorney General Thurbert Baker. “I am very honored that these distinguished people have volunteered their time to assist me by serving on this Council.”

The Council will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss various water issues.

The Members of the Council include:

1. Dr. Ron Carroll Institute of Ecology University of Georgia

2. Dr. Ron Cummings Andrew Young School of Public Policy Georgia State University

3. Ciannat M. Howett Southern Environmental Law Center

4. Dr. Aris Georgakakos Georgia Water Resources Institute Georgia Tech

5. Kevin Green Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

6. Dr. Jim Hook College of Agriculture & Environmental Science

7. Bob Scanlon Environmental Affairs Officer City of Savannah

8. Dr. Stephen Draper Water Law & Policy

9. Laurie Fowler Institute of Ecology The University of Georgia

10. Woody Hicks J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center