Paralegal Internship

Interested applicants should submit the following Application Packet:

  1. Attach a current Resume - noting accomplishments
  2. Cover Letter (include dates and hours of availability)
  3. Attach "Department of Law Employment Application(click link to obtain:
  4. Attach writing sample
  5. Attach copies of  transcripts (unofficial copies are accepted for application process)

The mission of the Department of Law is to serve the citizens of the State of Georgia by providing legal representation of the highest quality to the agencies, officers and employees of state government and by honorably and vigorously carrying out the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the Attorney General.  The Department of Law is organized into the Executive Office, five legal divisions, four specialty units and an operations division.

The Georgia Attorney General's office offers unpaid internships for paralegal students who are currently enrolled in an ABA-approved Paralegal Studies program with an internship academic requirement or elective. The program can begin at any time, depending on availability and class scheduling.

The primary goal of our paralegal internship program is to give paralegal students a hands-on opportunity to experience a unique public law practice. At least 80% of tasks will be substantive in nature and vary depending on the assigned practice area:


Paralegal Tasks

  • Interviewing clients and witnesses
  • Investigation
  • Research
  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Court or similar observations
  • Client communication
  • Document preparation
  • Discovery production and requests
  • Electronic filing
  • Law office management tasks
  • Attend agency board meetings


Non-paralegal Tasks

  • Answering telephones
  • Filing for others
  • Transcription
  • Running work-related errands other than for paralegal tasks


Typically, one intern is assigned to each of the participating legal divisions/sections:


Regulated Industries and Professions Division
This division includes the following sections: State Licensing Boards, Consumer Interests, and Environmental and Natural Resources. Interns will work for a diverse collection of client agencies, including professional licensing boards, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Division, the Public Service Commission, the Department of Insurance, and others. The litigation work in the division is primarily administrative in nature, but includes judicial reviews, proceedings for injunctive relief and other non-jury judicial proceedings.


Commercial Transactions and Litigation Division
This division includes the following sections: Business and Finance, Real Property, Construction, Transportation and Authorities, and Tax. Interns will be given substantive work in a wide range of areas, some of which have been the subject of media coverage because of their significance. Interns will gain an understanding of how the State acquires real property and handles real property management issues. Interns will be exposed to Georgia laws and statutory interpretation principles and gain an understanding of the unique constraints placed upon governmental agencies by the Georgia Constitution, such as the prohibitions against pledging the State’s credit or the granting of gratuities, and will become familiar with governmental defenses including sovereign immunity.


Criminal Justice Division
This division includes the following sections: Public Safety, Post-Conviction Litigation, and Capital Litigation. The Criminal Justice Division handles federal and state court in habeas corpus cases, direct appeal briefs in murder cases, and civil litigation with respect to public safety/law enforcement clients.


General Litigation Division
This division includes the following sections: Civil Rights, Tort, and Workers' Compensation. In an active civil litigation practice, interns will assist the attorneys in responding to discovery requests and in preparing for depositions, hearings, mediations, and trials.


Government Services and Employment Division
This division includes the following sections: Education, Elections, Local Government and Judiciary, Labor and Employment, and Human Resources. Because the Government Services and Employment Division offers a wide range of different substantive work, from administrative hearings to federal litigation to client advice and appellate litigation, interns are exposed to all of these areas as a part of their experience.


Application packets and questions should be directed to:


Stephanie Jackson


40 Capitol Square SW

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

(404) 458-3364

[email protected]