Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Law is to serve the citizens of the State of Georgia by providing legal representation of the highest quality to the agencies, officers and employees of state government and by honorably and vigorously carrying out the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the Attorney General.

We will provide the people of Georgia with an independent Department of Law committed to excellence in our work. We will set the standard for quality management in state government and will be staffed by well-trained, highly motivated, innovative and diverse people working as a team in a pleasant environment. We will be leaders in the legal profession and will deliver quality legal services to our clients. At the same time, we will be leaders in helping state government operate openly.

Guiding Principles
We are at all times trustees and servants of the people. We will be accessible and responsive to them and will foster public confidence in this department.

Guided by the law, we will always strive to do what's right.

We will give our legal advice based on the law, without influence of favor or politics.

Our success in judicial proceedings will not be gauged simply by wins or losses. We will have well and faithfully discharged our duties when all parties have been treated fairly and when the outcome is consistent with the highest standards of justice. Justice, not victory, is our chief goal.

Our commitment to serve the public requires that we be completely trustworthy, dependable and self-disciplined and that we maintain an office of unquestionable honesty and integrity.

We will be responsive to the needs of our clients, representing them ethically and vigorously, and fostering open communications with them.

The greatest asset of the Department of Law is the highly motivated, hard-working and dedicated people who work here.

We will maintain an atmosphere of trust, support and mutual respect among our employees and will foster an environment of openness and candor in the internal decision-making process.

We will encourage creativity and risk-taking and recognize that, while some ideas ultimately may fail in practice, such failure is to be considered an integral component of growth.

We will foster teamwork, innovation and the free expression of constructive ideas in a constant effort to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the department as a whole.

We will provide a quality working environment, as well as sufficient training, resources and technology to permit our employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.

We will provide meaningful and constructive feedback to employees, acknowledge their achievements, compensate them according to their performance, and encourage their personal growth.