Intelligence ANALYST - Medicaid Fraud Division

The Office of the Attorney General

Department of Law - Medicaid Fraud Division

Intelligence Analyst

Annual Salary - $40's commensurate with Experience

The mission of the Department of Law is to serve the citizens of the State of Georgia by providing legal representation of the highest quality to the agencies, officers and employees of state government and by honorably and vigorously carrying out the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the Attorney General. The Department of Law is organized into the Executive Office, five legal divisions, four specialty units and an operations division. The position filled through this announcement will serve in the Legal section of our Medicaid Fraud Division.


*To move forward in the recruiting process ALL External applicants are required to:

·Attach a current Resume

·Cover Letter

·Attach "Department of Law Employment Application

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·Attach two (2) writing samples

·Attach copies of official undergraduate transcripts

·Answer all prescreening questions 


General Summary:
Under general supervision, reviews, researches and disseminates requests for information pertaining to criminal investigations. Collects and assesses, analyzes and organizes, presents analysis of data involved in cases.

Responsibilities and Standards:

1.    Responds to request for intelligence information.  Reviews, researches and disseminates all information involved in the intelligence cycle.

·Collects information on individuals, groups of individuals, or types of activity (criminal) as requested by accessing varied sources of information and data banks.

· Reviews and evaluates data for its acceptability, utility, source of reliability and content validity as it enters the intelligence cycle.

·Classifies data and determines sensitivity.

·Collates data by merging new data with existing related data through indexing, coding and cross referencing.

·Researches requests through public and government data bases.

·Disseminates information/reports to appropriate parties/offices/agencies based on degree of sensitivity.

·Identifies targets and crime trends within an assigned area.


2.    Analyzes and organizes data for major cases.

·Assesses data collection and method of collection for major cases.

·Organizes collected case data and selects computer analysis program best suited for type of investigation.

·Retrieves organized reports from case data.

·Designs visual aids including link diagrams and time lines for complicated cases to be used.


3.    Utilizes and possesses considerable knowledge and expertise when assigned to task force situations.

·Coordinates all information received in various formats, prepare it for computer entry and compile it in an organized manner.

·Manages cases created by a task force involving numerous agencies and personnel.

·Utilizes independent working skills and decision making abilities in emergency situations.


4.    Accurately catalogs and indexes information received.

·Assigns a file number to all incoming correspondence of value to the intelligence files.

·Enters and codes all names of subjects or businesses for input into the intelligence files.

5.    May act as a liaison for the Intelligence Unit.

·Acts as intelligence contact person for all parties/persons in assigned case.

·Maintains good working relationship with private companies and other government agencies.

·Presents researched information to other parties/persons when needed.


6.    Prepares special reports.

·Conducts surveys, researches sources of information; may interview persons concerning related topics.

·Applies basic knowledge of statistics and association level of statistics in order to better organize, analyze and properly portray data.

·Disseminates reports to research/data.

This description provides a general guideline to the types of duties and responsibilities; it is not specific to an individual’s position where duties may somewhat vary.



Minimum Qualifications:
Completion of an undergraduate degree from a four year accredited college or university; demonstrated experience in using Microsoft Office Suite Software.


Preferred Qualifications:

Demonstrated experience in research, analysis and organization of data preferably in a law enforcement/intelligence environment; experience in producing summary reports and visual presentations; certification as a GCIC/NCIC terminal operator; has completed Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT); is familiar with BJA 28 CFR Part 23, Criminal Intelligence Systems Operations.