Frequently Asked Questions

The Open Records Act is frequently referred to as the “ORA,” and the Open Meetings Act is frequently referred to as the “OMA.”

Are Homeowner’s Associations subject to the ORA or the OMA?

Homeowner’s Associations are not subject to the ORA or OMA. Associations are privately funded by Homeowners who pay association dues, and are not governmental or quasi-governmental agencies that fall within the coverage of the OMA or the ORA.

Can I speak at public meetings?

The OMA does not grant a right to speak at meetings. The OMA does grant a right to attend meetings. It is the local government’s choice about whether to allow public comment at open meetings. Generally, there is a process in place to request to speak at a meeting; the city or county clerk is probably the best person to ask what how to request to be placed on the agenda or otherwise make a public comment at a meeting.

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