How much can I be charged for a record obtained through the Open Records Act?

A public agency must use the most economical means available for providing copies of a public record. This means that records maintained by computer shall be made available where practicable by electronic means, including Internet access (subject to reasonable security restrictions preventing access to nonrequested or nonavailable records.) A record's custodian can collect a reasonable fee for the search, retrieval and other direct administrative costs for complying with an Open Records request. The hourly charge for these costs cannot exceed the salary of the lowest paid full-time employee who, in the discretion of the custodian, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request. No charge can be made for the first 15 minutes of these actions. When copies are provided, an agency may charge a uniform copying charge not to exceed 25 cents a page.

O.C.G.A. § 50-18-71.